#nanoWIRES news

19ENG05 WP Leaders Web-meeting

Monday, the 12th of April 2021

This meeting was organized in preparation of the M9 reporting meeting of the 10-11 of May, and a quick review of the project current activities and deliverables has been produced and discussed among the WP Leaders:

  • Uwe Brandt, PTB, Coordinator,

  • Richard Koops, VSL, WP1 leader,

  • Francois Piquemal, LNE, WP2 leader, Z

  • hi Li, PTB, WP3 leader,

  • Petr Klapetek, CMI, WP

The meeting was mainly focused on the M9 meeting and reporting preparation. In the framework of WP5, the official confirmation of three new stakeholders in the Project Advisory Board has been announced: the members are Narciso Gambacorti, CEA Leti, Cesare Lobascio, Thales Alenia, and Francesco Rossella, University of Pisa and co-organizer of the Nanowire Week conference.