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Electrosciences Limited
(ELECTRO, United Kindom)


Functional materials metrologyResearch & Development – PrototypesModelling & Simulation

Electrosciences Ltd is a UK company specializing in advanced materials technology. We have expertise in metrology of functional materials that include ferroelectrics, piezoelectrics and other smart/active materials.

Electrosciences Ltd is based in Farnham, Surrey, which is 40km southwest of London. Our well-equipped laboratory hosts standard and reference metrology instrumentation and bespoke equipment suited to characterize piezoelectric materials.

We also have expertise in materials modelling and simulation using a range of analytical, ML computational and finite element tools.

As partner in the NanoWire project, Electrosciences will develop a novel test capability to measure the vibrational piezoelectric output from small coupons containing aligned nanowires.

The characterisation of the piezoelectric properties of nanowires will be measured ensemble and thus our measurements will provide an average or device level response. These test results will be compared to the individual nanowire response. Our new tool will be commercialised during this project.


Markys Cain – Director and owner of Electrosciences. XMaS BeamlineFerroelectric materials characterisation

Spent 17 years at the UK’s National Measurement Institute, NPL, leading their Functional Materials Team.

Launched Electrosciences Ltd in 2008 to provide services in characterisation of advanced functional materials.

New products are being developed to characterise piezoelectric bulk and thin film materials.

Developing novel instrumentation, that reveals functional properties, for in situ structural characterisation using synchrotron X-Ray tools, shown here at XMaS beamline, ESRF, France.