A PEEK ON the lab

Dansk Fundamental Metrologi A/S
(DFM, Denmark)

Contacts: Jonas SKOVLUND MADSEN, jsm@dfm.dk – Søren ALKÆRSIG JENSEN, saj@dfm.dk



The National Metrology Institute of Denmark

DFM is the national metrology institute of Denmark. In 2017, it was relocated to the tranquil forest environment in DTU science park.

Novel Methods to Characterize Nanowires

The group involved in the project works on developing novel methods to characterize nanowires.

In the image, nanowires fabricated at the University of Copenhagen are investigated using scatterometer setup based on a conventional optical microscope.

A Micro Electro-Mechanical (MEMS) force sensor from PTB has been integrated into a commercial Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) in the nano-metrology laboratory at DFM, in order to obtain force-distance curves without the nonlinear artefacts traditionally seen in such curved when measured by a traditional AFM cantilever.


Researchers using a Confocal microscope.

Experts at work in the Nano-Lab at DFM. Here the newly acquired Confocal microscope is used to characterize the surface of a steel core developed for injection molding.