#nanoWIRES news

WP1 and WP4 Nanowires samples from INRiM delivered to VSL, DFM, PTB, LNE and GUM

Thursday, the 10th of June 2021

Nanowires arrays fabricated at INRiM by nanospheres lithography and Metal Assisted Chemical Etching have been delivered as per project protocol to the following partners:

  • VSL, samples: EGE8, EGE14, EGE15, EGE18, EHE 2 and EHE5, read the Delivery Report [...]

  • DFM, samples: AGC1, AGC10, BGB2, BGB4, EGE2, EGE4, EHE5c and EHE16, read the Delivery Report [...]

  • PTB, samples: EGE7, EGE8, EGE9, EGE17, see the Delivery Report [...]

  • LNE, samples: BGB2, EGE3, EGE5, EGE6, EGE11, EGE14, see the Delivery Report [...]

  • GUM, samples: AGC10, AGC11, long nanowires for single nanomanipulation and dispersion on MEMS structures for thermal analysis, see the Delivery Report [...]