#nanoWIRES news

19ENG05 WP Leaders Web-meeting

Thursday, the 22nd of July 2021

This meeting was organized in preparation of the Stakeholder Meeting during the CIM Conference in Lyon and to the successive conferences, MNE Turin and NanoInnovation Rome.

WP Leaders:

  • Uwe Brandt, PTB, Coordinator,

  • Richard Koops, VSL, WP1 leader,

  • Francois Piquemal, LNE, WP2 leader,

  • Zhi Li, PTB, WP3 leader,

  • Petr Klapetek, CMI, WP4 leader,

  • Luca Boarino, INRiM, WP5 leader

The meeting was mainly focused on the Stakeholders meeting, on the sample and report deliverables and on the impact activities.