19ENG05 NanoWires

"High throughput metrology for nanowire energy harvesting devices"

A Joint Research Project within the European Metrology Research Programme EMPIR

This is the news page of the Empir project 19ENG05 Nanowires.

The official website is hosted by PTB at the following link. This page is periodically updated by the INRiM project members.

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Nanowires arrays delivered

The Silicon nanowires arrays produced at INRiM by nanospheres lithography and Metal Assisted Chemical Etching have been delivered to PTB, LNE, VSL, DFM and GUM for dimensional metrology measurements on June 2021. Read more on the fabrication process [...] and on the WP1 and WP4 tasks & deliverables [...]

Silicon NanoWires by MACE

The silicon nanowires at INRiM are extruded by a metal mask with MACE (Metal Assisted Chemical Etching) technique and covered by 40 nm of gold deposition. . [...]

Nanowires forest in winter

What appears as a snow cap is in reality a gold deposition on the tops of the silicon nanowires. [...]

Nanowires forest

Extruded by a holey metal mask, a residual is visible at the image centre, by means of a liquid chemical etching in HF and hydrogen peroxide.[...]

What are NanoWires?

Nanowires are structures in cylindrical form with straight or curved aspects. They have lengths in the range of a few micrometers [...]


19ENG05 M9 meeting and reporting

Monday, the 10th and Tuesday, the 11th of May 2021 [Read more...]

WP1 and WP4 Nanowires samples from INRiM delivered to VSL, DFM, PTB, LNE and GUM 2021/06/10

Thursday, the 10th of June 2021 Read more

19ENG05 M9 meeting and reporting 2021/05/10-11

Monday, the 10th and Tuesday, the 11th of May 2021 Read more

19ENG05 WP Leaders Web-meeting 2021/04/12

Monday, the 12th of April 2021 Read more

19ENG05 WP1 Web-meeting 2021/04/07

Wednesday, the 7th of April 2021: an update on the Silicon Nanowires fabrication from TU Braunchweig and from INRiM has been reported. Read more

19ENG05 WP4 Web-meeting 2021/03/01

Wednesday, the 1st of March 2021. Read more

Project overview

Energy harvesting from renewable sources (solar, heat and movement) is a prominent solution to create small amounts of electrical energy in areas of difficult access, and energy harvesting devices have much potential to address our world energy problems.

Nanowire (NW) based energy harvesting systems have achieved encouraging progress, but due to nanometre (nm) dimensions of the wires and large size (square meter) of the devices, they also bring challenges for testing and characterisation.

12 European Countries and Universities

17 Nanotechnology Laboratories

Support Europe's Future Demands for Renewable Energy

This project aims to develop reliable and high throughput metrology for the quality control of NW energy harvesting systems. Read more